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My New(er) Blog

Out with the old, in with the new(er)!

Although I enjoyed revamping my website back in 2015, I failed to foresee how much the tools I put in place would get in my way. And, damn, did they get in the way! Making minor changes was hard enough, let alone trying to write a blog post. I was even managing two different Git repositories for one static website. All these pain points capitalized on each other creating a tooling nightmare.

Today, I’ve decided to switch out the toolbox and use something better.

I need to start religiously using these tools and others like them if I want to stay as productive as possible.
Chance Snow, My New Blog

Religiosity is not the answer…

Religiously using a bunch of tools to stay productive is just asking for trouble. I shouldn’t torture myself and spend an hour tooling around before I even get to work. I’m better off watching a monkey try to use a hammer.

They say you learn the most when you fail. My failure is evident judging by the absence of posts on this blog. I realize I can’t keep my tools out of the way entirely, but I can simplify the process of using them. I can fix this nightmare with a different tool, a better tool.

Fostering productivity with flexibility

Doing more with less using Haskell.

Haskell’s generality affords its users the opportunity to make virtually anything they please and it’s standard library is very robust. The Haskell Tool Stack makes project setup a breeze and is tightly integrated with the Haskell ecosystem as a whole.

How Haskell and Stack help me

My workflow is greatly simplified:

This means I can (finally) write blog posts when the mood strikes and not feel disheartened at the hand of a cumbersome workflow.


Learning curve of Haskell is steep:

Rarely, dependency hell sneaks up on me, but it’s curtailed by Stack rather well.

Technical details

This is a static site generated with Hakyll and scaffolded with The Haskell Tool Stack. Source code is available in full on GitHub.

Thanks for reading!