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My New(er) Blog

Out with the old, in with the new(er)!

Although I enjoyed revamping my website back in 2015, I failed to foresee how much the tools I put in place would get in my way. And, damn, did they get in the way! Making minor changes was hard enough, let alone trying to write a blog post. I was even managing two different Git repositories for one static website. All these pain points capitalized on each other creating a tooling nightmare.

Today, I’ve decided to switch out the toolbox and use something better.

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My New Blog

Check it out, this is my brand new personal website! It’s been over a year since I’ve spent some time to really sit down and work on my website, and even that was only a little podunk, university hosted, placeholder with my face stickered on. For a while now, it’s been time I finally buckled down and created a presence for myself that I could genuinely be proud of, but there’s a problem.

I’ve grown increasingly tired, as have many others, of writing web pages from scratch. And yet I am still neglecting to make use of the many tools and utilities available for today’s web developer. Fortunately, my negelct is quickly fading. Things like npm, Bower, Yeoman, and Gulp have been increasing productivity for literally hundreds of thousands of developers.

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